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Why Choose Dr. Tomassetti for Auto Injury Treatment

Auto Injury TreatmentIf you’ve been in a car accident, you probably still recall the horrifying crunch of metal as the other car slammed into your own. Perhaps at the time, your injuries seemed minimal and you didn’t feel the need for immediate auto injury treatment.

However, as time went on, you noticed the pain and stiffness develop in your neck or back. You may have found that after consulting with your doctor, the only car accident treatment available seemed to be pain medication, something you really didn’t want to use.

This is why you should get auto injury treatment from Dr. Tomassetti. Dr. T has three decades of experience helping over 12,000 patients find relief. He works closely with you and your doctor to develop the best treatment plan for you.

Auto Injury Treatment

If you require professional auto injury treatment, Dr. T can help you to:

  • Treat invisible injuries. Car accidents often result in injuries that others can’t see. Dr. T is experienced in the identification and treatment of these injuries.
  • Reduce inflammation. One of the most common auto injuries is micro-torn ligaments and muscles. Realigning your spinal column helps your body to release chemicals that reduce the inflammation caused by these micro-tears.
  • Target scar tissue buildup. Accidents often result in scar tissue buildup, which causes soreness. Dr. T uses techniques that target and remove this buildup.
  • Non-invasive treatment. People who wait too long to treat seemingly minor auto injuries often end up having to resort to surgery. Dr. T works to realign your spine and joints, preventing the need for surgery down the line.
  • Avoid pain medication. After an accident, doctors often prescribe highly addictive pain medications to treat their symptoms. Dr. T works to identify the root of your pain, rather than masking it with a pill.
  • Improve range of motion. Inflammation results in a decreased range of motion. Chiropractic adjustments release blockages, increasing the motion of your spine.
  • Avoid long-term injuries. Not treating pain symptoms or masking them with medication can cause more serious, long-term injuries.
  • Reduce pain in the entire body. Car accidents often worsen the pain you had before the accident. Dr. T uses spinal manipulations that release hormones and relieve all pain, including pain experienced before the accident.

Start Your Journey Towards Better Health Today

Seeking the right car accident treatment is crucial to your recovery. With Dr. T’s proven track record of helping thousands of patients find the relief they deserve, you will be in the best of hands as you begin this journey towards better health.

Begin your journey today by calling us at (760) 757-0222 to schedule your appointment.